O Layla

"A deep love for slow fashion and a belief that fashion can be (and should be) sustainable and inclusive resulted in travels that me led  to various craft villages across India. And introduced me to various handmade crafts and textiles that are centuries old. Ever since, we have tried to work with the artisans and craftspeople directly. Even the thread buttons and tassels we use - are made by women in a remote village of Rajasthan. This is a result of a project we started for creating fair trade income opportunities for these women.

Being able to work with custom hand made handmade and natural textiles created by techniques and processes that are centuries old is a luxury that is reserved for very few in the world. It also ensures that we help sustain these keepers of our heritage.

As a brand, O Layla has a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit. Our signature style has always been bohemian, unconventional and very easy to wear. And is chosen by women with a strong individual style. Best described by this beautiful poem."

-Ritu Kumar, Founder and Designer for O Layla Brand