How to Measure

This guide will help you with the basic measurements we need for most of our products. 
Some designs/ products might need additional information. This is a blanket guide for most though. 

Bra size

Upper chest (just below arm pits and above the bust)

Bust (roundest part of chest)

Under bust (right below the bust and above waist)

Natural Waist (narrowest part)

Skirt waist (where you plan to wear the lehenga)

Skirt waist to floor (with heels if you plan to wear them, usually measured from side body) 

Shoulders (preferably wear a shirt or tee that sits right on shoulders. Make sure it’s not hanging below the natural shoulders) Then measure shoulder external tip to tip. 
Hint: Usually between 13-16” for women. If atheistic built then can be higher than 17” too)

Arm hole

Top length

Dart point (mid shoulder to Bust apex)

Dart to Dart (distance between both bust apex)